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Order Process Guidelines



These guidelines make up part of the Terms & Conditions of Sale and are intended to guide you through the order process.


All orders made online through publicly accessible channels such as, but not limited to, our website, eBay listings and Etsy listings are consumer orders. Consumer orders are processed same or next day. They are delivered free and first class in the UK, and with an appropriate charge for the rest of the world.

All other orders, made direct to us via email, phone or text, or in a password-protected area of any website, are business orders and subject to our b2b terms and conditions.



The “standard lead time” means 20 working days from payment to despatch, where day 1 is the first full working day after the day of payment in GMT, and day 20 is the last full working day before despatch in GMT. This lead time is a guide, not a guarantee. Where it looks like it cannot be achieved, every effort will be made to email you before the 20 working day period to notify you of this and invite you to wait, swap or cancel to raise a credit note. If you are not emailed please get in touch on or after the 20 working day period to express your preferences of how to proceed.


Professional and wholesale products are subject to variable lead times depending on a number of factors.

By default, where written confirmation of a certain lead time has not been sought nor indication given, the standard lead time will apply.

For online orders, an indication of lead time will be given in the product description. This lead time is not guaranteed to be accurate, and if you need to be sure you should email us at and ask for written confirmation.

If you order online and the published lead time has been inaccurate, and you did not seek written confirmation, you will be emailed within 24 hours of your purchase to tell you about any delay and offered the opportunity to wait, swap or cancel to raise a credit note. Cash refunds are not given.


You have an opportunity before you order to check stock, however we cannot guarantee up-to-date stock levels because they fluctuate rapidly. Please email us your list and we will endeavour to reply within 3 working days. We recommend not checking stock before ordering, but instead being flexible on what items you need instead. It is a much quicker way of doing things. Order and pay first, and then swap out anything that you can’t wait for. We recommend if you really need to order things that are in stock, to order via the website, as this is the quickest way to get an idea of lead times for different products.


Once your order has been accepted and paid for, the first thig we will do is check stock so that we have a full picture of what can be sent immediately and what will be delayed. We will inform you of this as soon as we can. You now have the option to choose for your order to be partially despatched (which will incur extra shipping fees) or you would prefer to wait until the whole order is in stock.

We may decide to partially ship your order anyway, at our expense. If we decide to do it, we will pay for it. If you instruct us to do it, you’ll have to pay for it.

Within the timeframe agreed in writing, we will endeavour to inform you before the end of the timeframe if any unexpected delays or stock-outs are inevitable or likely. If we fail to email you please email us when it is close or on the deadline date and ask for an update.

Within the order timeframe, you are obliged to accept the items you ordered as soon as they come in stock.

After the order timeframe is up, you are no longer obliged to accept stock that was on your original order. You can cancel the whole order for a credit note and start again, or you can swap anything on your order for anything equivalently priced.