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What size is your sparkle?


Here at Glitter Towers we speak a different language. Below we breakdown our glitter names to give you a better description and insight into our sparkly and fun world of all things GLITTER!


Our Tattoo mixes provide great coverage! Our mixologists worked hard to create the perfect blend of grains, for that 'tattoo' effect. 


A  mix of all the smallest grains... creating a light and 'fluffy' blend, that provides great coverage!


Chunky mixes contain our 3 biggest grains of glitter, from chunky, right up to the huge, SuperDuperChunkFunky grains.

Creates a bold look, and works great either on their own, or as a final layer to your design.


Big and bold... a combination of our two largest grains, creates a super chuky, and rather funky blend!


Go for maximum impact, with our Megamixes! These blends, containing all the grain sizes, have it all;  great coverage, big and bold, with full on sparkle!


 And if you’re interested in the technical sizes of our glitter,  they’re re as follows :



Our standard glitter is 0.008" or 200 microns. It is finer than standard craft glitter.
Our fine glitter is 0.006" or 150 microns. This is the largest glitter recommended for use round the eyes.
Our ultra-fine glitter is 0.004" or 100 microns. It is more like a powder, like cornflour.
Our chunky glitter is 0.015" or 375 microns. It is equivalent to standard craft glitter.
Our super-chunky glitter is 0.040" or 1000 microns (1mm) and is like fine oatmeal.
Our super-duperchunky gitter is 0.096" or 2400 microns (2.4mm) and is like small fish scales.

Standard glitter (known as 008) has a similar volumetric weight to sugar, so 5g looks roughly like a heaped teaspoonful. The larger the glitter, the more air gets trapped, and therefore larger glitters in an unsettled state tend to take up more room.