Licenced stockists of Cosmetic Bioglitter® and the original pioneering brand, with the largest range, best prices and free shipping.

About us

At Glitterlution we are company in which loves glitter and the environment! Glitterlution the original adopter of eco-glitter and first to bring environmentally friendly ecological glitter solutions to the festival industry, and now is a market leader in eco-friendly glitter. Founded in 2015, a pioneering brand since the very inception, our range is ever expanding with more than 350 glitters and counting. We also pride ourselves on our exclusive range of glitters not available anywhere else.

  • Established in 2015, world's first brand to be based entirely on Bioglitter®.
  • The largest range available online, offered in various sizes, colours and styles.
  • Supplier to performing arts & events professionals - traders, artists, performers, independent labels, SPX & MUA’s, festivals and venues. Any individual that wants to add sparkle to their life! 
  • Licensed wholesaler, offering blends & grain blends in bulk,MOQ of 125g.
  • We also offer blending, filling and labelling services.


The Bioglitter® name and logo are registered trademarks of and are used by Glitterlution with permission and under licence from Ronald Britton Ltd