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Nothing but eco-friendly glitters

We keep up with the latest glitter technologies to delver the currently established most eco-friendly glitter solution. Currently our entire range is based solely on what we believe to be the only viable and genuine eco-glitter available worldwide, Bioglitter®, which you can read about here

It isn't just about biodegradability, although this is a very strong factor. Ultimately our vision is the reduction and eventual elimination of plastic glitter in the festival & event environment. Because it is necessarily and unavoidably a single-use microplastic, glitter cannot realistically be disposed of into recycling or even landfill, and therefore can end up on farmland, in the wild, in water systems, and ultimately the ocean.

We also believe strongly in sound ethical business practices and sustainability through the whole supply chain, not just at home. Bioglitter® is ethically produced within the EU.