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Glitter Essentials Range


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Glitter Essentials Range
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Perfect selection for when you simply cannot choose from our ever growing sparkle collection.

Our essential selections are hand-picked on the day of ordering. As the name suggests, we pick the most essential glitters that are currently in the range, and available for all your needs. We also take into account what else you have ordered so we don’t repeat.

Our glitter brains tend to choose your essentials based on the following:

Everyone loves golds and silvers, every essential selection will include a good range of these.

Add in some funky favourite/new house made blends

A good selection of superchunky and chunky glitters

Along with our fine and mighty fine grain glitter for the cosmetic sparkles

Then we finish it off with the more obscure colours such as blacks, whites & clears

Please NOTE: All glitters are subject to availability. As most of them are blended and made in-house by our glitter elves, mermaids and other magically sparkly creatures. Also colours may slightly vary from swatch on your screen. If in need of a specific colour please order a sample first.

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