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Blends & Multigrain Glitters - COOL


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Blends & Multigrain Glitters - COOL
Blends & Multigrain Glitters - COOL
 Own that mermaid style, with this fabulous, and chunky sea-inspired mix.  The overall hue is teal,  but the hints of colour, and extra sparkle, really make it pop!
Inspired by the night sky... This blend has a dark blue AND silvery shimmer. As well as chunky hints of colour.... For a look, as 'Far out!' as the most distant galaxies!
Blends & Multigrain Glitters - COOL
Go for maximum impact, with our Megamixes! These blends, containing all the grain sizes, have it all;  great coverage, big and bold, with full on sparkle!
182 WICKED Let your dark-side out! A black blend, with a green/purple shimmer, and chunky glints of colour.
Another of our favourites at Glitterlution!  This gorgeous blend of teals, blues, greens, and big chunky silvers is fantastic for a super sparkly, and glamourous look!
 The stunning blend between lilac and turquoise ...!
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Exclusive cool blends from Glitterlution Biodegradable Glitter, the world's leading brand of Cosmetic Bioglitter® est.2015 -  available retail and wholesale.

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